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Kokosfell is a luxurious range of unisex skincare products to bring out the best you. Using all natural ingredients and no nasties Kokosfell is a must try product.

Kokosfell aims to achieve the highest of quality in their products while growing with the standard of environmental awareness. Coconut Oil being the base of the range, is full of nourishing antioxidants and vitamin E to ensure your skin is hydrated and replenished. 

The coconut oil ingredient is locally sourced from Northern Bali, Indonesia. Where it is sustainably sourced and curated, as we are conscious of the impact their products leave on the enviroment.

Kokosfell has a desire to unify both men and women in the use of skincare and their daily routines. They aim to break the movements that are commonly used in the beauty industry while pushing to use new and innovative ingredients in their products.

Kokosfell founder Chad Perry believes that having a natural skincare routine is essential to day to day living.


An all natural nutrient rich coconut oil moisturiser balm crafted with argan nut and avocado oils to keep your skin nourished, hydrated and replenished. A divine and luxurious balm that has a scent leaving your skin smelling amazing.

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A hard working soap bar to help remove daily impurities from your skin, crafted with activated bamboo charcoal, Himalayan pink salt, coconut oil and shea butter.

kokosfell, coconut oil, coconut, soap



A premium oil blend to nourish and replenish the daily grind your beard goes through. Light and easily absorbed to leave your hair and skin feeling and smelling great.



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