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With a love for giving back, Tessa has moved away from the Fashion Industry and has developed an incredible life changing workshop and mentoring program that will help with self-care, empowering intention setting as well as dealing with every day anxiety.

Tessa has studied a Diploma of Life Coaching and Media and will commence studying a Bachelor or Psychology and Criminology mid year to build on her skills and knowledge. She has a strong focus on teenage empowerment, personal development and self care. She believes that asking the questions and being in charge of your state is essential to a beaming life.

TP Mentoring & Coaching has already made an impact and change on the lives of her clients. Working along side like minded people such as Holistic Sister and The Conscious Collective has assisted her in building an incredible Coaching and Mentoring program.

If you would like to keep ON THE RADAR about TP Coaching and Mentoring, Holistic Sister or The Conscious Collective please see details below - 

TP Coaching & Mentoring - Tessa Prosser



The Conscious Collective - Carlo Cirillo

The podcast is a place to cultivate wisdom, awareness and life insights to raise your being and become more conscious in your daily life.


The Holistic Sister - Georgie and Grace Gorman

Footscray's sisterhood of fitness and wellness hub for women. A unique space for all women to be their best: mindful, powerful and playful.



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